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The website exists to provide general information about occupational therapy and specific information about the services offered by THINK Occupational Therapy. Visitors to this website are encouraged to read the following information which describes the website privacy policy of THINK Occupational Therapy.

THINK Occupational Therapy is committed to protecting your privacy by keeping up-to-date with and adhering to relevant provincial and federal privacy legislation.

This website does not use any tracking tools. The site does use an encrypted session cookie. The session cookie does not contain any personal information.  You may browse through this website without giving any information about yourself.

As part of providing general information about occupational therapy, contains links to other websites. Please be aware that if you visit other websites via those links, THINK Occupational Therapy has no control over how your personal information is used once you leave

Visitors to this website who wish to email THINK Occupational Therapy directly via the website’s contact form are requested to provide their name and email address.  THINK Occupational Therapy will not share this information with anyone else without your expressed consent unless required by legal authority.  Please note that the contact form does not offer any security beyond that of a regular email: to protect your own privacy, do not include sensitive personal information in the subject line or comment section.

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